We-Resolve. Integral Maintenance

We take care of your facilities.

We Resolve offers you an integral maintenance solution for all types of buildings. We look after the quality, safety and legality of your facilities; our aim is for all the different areas of your property to function perfectly. This goes hand-in-hand with one of our main aims of providing client satisfaction through high standards of maintenance.

All areas covered.

We solve any problems or breakdowns that may occur in your building. You no longer have to worry about accidents, refurbishments or new facilities. We Resolve solves the problems for you. Our professionals are qualified in different technical disciplines (electricity, air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, construction and service activities, carpentry, gardening, etc.). They take charge of efficiently solving any problem, thereby reducing your concerns to a minimum. Place your trust in our integral maintenance service to look after all your building’s needs.

Energy Management.

We monitor energy consumption and expenses and play an active role in negotiations with free market supply companies to obtain the best prices for your company. Our specialist technical staff work directly to manage and analyse your electricity bill, and will suggest solutions for savings and contracting power, etc. We perform energy audits. Our specialists visit your facilities and carry out studies that result in proposed solutions for savings and profitability.

Safety, efficiency and optimal economic conditions.

We Resolve only provides advantages. Efficiency and safety are our two fundamental principles. With these, we ensure that your building perfectly fulfils its purpose. But we offer a lot more: we also look after your money. This is why we maintain an optimal balance between the performance of your property and its operating costs. At the same time, we take care of keeping all the bureaucratic, legal and technical paperwork up to date, related to the maintenance of your building.

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